Specialized massage for pain-free movement

The Graston Technique ®  version of cross-fiber massage uses specially designed instruments to address soft tissue injuries. When combined with appropriate therapeutic exercise, Graston Technique massage can restore pain-free movement and function. The stainless steel instruments feature unique treatment edges and angles to deliver an effective means of manual therapy.



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“I had a wonderful experience this morning. I was impressed with the very friendly and professional staff, who put me at ease since this was my first time visiting. My first appointment with Dr. Gallagher was TERRIFIC, I feel better already. Not used to saying I am actually looking forward to my next appointment, but it’s true. Would recommend to anyone in the area. Thanks so much!” 


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With over 30 years of combined experience, Active Chiropractic & Rehabilitation specializes in soft tissue treatments and traditional chiropractic services.

Active Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is a local, family-owned and operated business. We have been serving the Greater Green Bay and the surrounding areas since 2003.

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